Famous Wrestler Hit Mia’s Chests So Hard That She Started Crying. Watch Video

Mia Khalifa had insulted WWE and had called it fake. She received too much hatred for the same; last week, we showed you how she was invited to the ring by a famous wrestler and was asked to touch his private part.

If that was not enough, Mia got it back once again from another American wrestler Thunder Rosa; yes, when Mia attended a wrestling course in Texas last Sunday, she got slapped on her chest by the wrestler.


The actress was highly interested in doing a crash course in wrestling; she entered the ring to learn a few techniques but all in vain. Thunder Rosa slapped and punched Mia’s chest repeatedly and she was left in tears. The adult actress just couldn’t bear the pain.

She even shared the video of the same on Twitter; check it out…

We can surely feel the pain Mia must have gone through. What do you say?

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