Artist Takes Old Thrift Store Paintings And Adds In Hilarious New Elements

A true artist sees potential in everything, even the stuff the rest of think of as garbage. A painter named Dave Pollot is using his skill to transform what people throw in the trash into something they want to hang on the wall.

Bored Panda reports that Pollot collects old paintings and etchings from thrift stores and garage sales, touches up any old wounds, and then paints his own vision on top, adding in characters and images to completely transform the image’s meaning:

He’s especially good at incorporating whatever pop culture element it is into the style of the painting itself, so they seem like part of the original piece:

Timeshare… #throwback

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Here’s a video capture of “Purpose in the absence of butter”… #rickandmorty

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But it’s still jarring and funny when you notice what the change is:

2 thoughts on “Artist Takes Old Thrift Store Paintings And Adds In Hilarious New Elements

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