The Owner Of FakeTaxi Tells Us The Worst Things About Working In Porn

Working in the porn industry must be a unique experience.

The man who founded hub site YouPorn and the owner of infamous sites like FakeTaxi and PublicAgent – few people are better placed to tell us about what it’s really like.

 Curious to learn more about the ins and outs of the industry (pun fully intended, sorry), we got in contact with JT again to ask him what the worst things about working in the adult industry are – and he gave us some goldies.

‘At the end of a hard day on location and you’re smelling like sex even though you didn’t actually have any’

 We can imagine it now – the slightly artificial whiff of sweat, blood and latex. About the same as professional wrestling, then?

‘Bring your dad to school day’

Having to explain what you do for a living in front of school children must be pretty tough. Guess you can get away with it by saying you’re a movie star – so long as you don’t mention which ones.

‘Being surrounded by grown men with cocks the size of King [Kong]’s thumb, masturbating to keep themselves hard, while looking you in the eye and talking casually’

That must be very intimidating. Imagine trying to have a normal conversation with a man who’s holding something the length and girth of a tree branch.

‘When the wife asks what happened at work today?’

“Oh, I just lay filming two people in a cramped black taxi while some guy’s gooch was inches from my face. How about you?”

JT previously told us that although the job can be hard and it really isn’t as different from other lines of work as you might think, the rewards of working in the adult industry are worth it.

“I eat in fancier restaurants and drive faster cars, that’s for sure,” he said. “But joking aside, the adult industry is no different from mainstream [industries], you just get to look at naked girls every day.

“I have seven kids and what it’s shown them (hopefully) is that you really need to work hard to succeed. Loving your job helps, too.”