5 Sex Positions That Can Give You Healthy Hair And Radiant Complexion

Was it an apple a day that keeps a dermatologist away? Or was it that wrinkle-busting cream/serum you saw on an infomercial last night? Well, the answer may lie sexual activity; an orgasm can help better the quality of your skin and hair and maintain it for good as well.


An orgasm is touted as one the healthiest things you can give yourself every day. “From a sexologist’s point of view it should be included in your routine along with brushing your teeth and washing your hair,” says Dr Gloria G. Bramer, a Georgia-based licensed clinical sexologist.

So what’s the secret for this divine glow?

Sex boosts the overall circulation of blood across your body. Certain positions pump more volumes of oxygenated blood to different areas of your body, including your skin and hair, which improves their texture and quality. That’s why they say a healthy sex life gives you a divine glow!


These are a few of the most effective sex moves that will not only improve your hair and complexion but also your overall well-being and lower stress levels dramatically:
Face to Face


This position helps both partners achieve a simultaneous orgasm as they build it up together towards a climax. It relaxes both the partners and improves blood circulation. This position also enables a controlled thrust and angle to indulge in a prolonged sexual session.

The squat


Another exciting and effective sex position, it increases blood circulation to all parts and gives an amazing sensation. The position requires a lot of effort from the partner who is driving this position.  The position increases blood circulation all across your body, thus giving you an instant elevates your hormonal levels.

Woman on top


This is a great position for both the partners. Penetration from beneath, will give you immense pleasure and boost your happy hormones—an elevation in serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. The result? Your body feels happy and satisfied because of the heightened blood flow—a recipe for a natural glow.