Anastacia Suffers Underwear Mishap On Italy’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Dancing is hard enough in its own right, let alone when you’re doing it in front of a studio audience and on television.

The potential for things to go wrong is immense – as pop star Anastacia recently found out when the 49-year-old ‘I’m Outta Love’ star had a little mishap on Italy’s Dancing With The Stars

 Appearing on the show’s ‘Dancer for a Night’ segment with dancing partner Maykel Fonts, the routine starts off well. It’s towards the end, however, when the pair attempt a big lift that things went a little bit wrong.

As Anastacia, mid-lift, raised one of her legs to get it around Maykel’s neck, her mini-dress lifted up, revealing flesh-coloured knickers – and a lot of bum – to the audience.

Which she’d done on the previous lifts, too, but on this particular move, the couple seemed to struggle ever so slightly and gave the audience more than they’d bargained for longer than they’d bargained for.

That said, it all happens pretty quickly and if you’re not paying that much attention, you probably would have missed it.

And even if it wasn’t the smoothest of moves, Anastacia – who competed with Brendan Cole on the 2016 season of Strictly Come Dancing – can be seen beaming at the end of the routine, a huge smile on her face.

And on Twitter, she expressed her joy at the pair’s performance together, writing: “Thank you @maykel_fonts all your hard work and a fun exciting routine.


“When learning to dance it takes a patient, kind, enthusiastic teacher. I felt you truly love helping others learn to dance.

“I wish the best for you and until we meet again my friend #italy #dance #salsa #record #time.”


The crowd, too, gave the pair an ecstatic response, and the judges praised them for their routine.

As they should. Because even if it didn’t go exactly to plan, we don’t think we could have done any better.

Besides, Anastacia was probably wearing flesh-coloured knickers for that very reason.